Static GK Questions for all Competitive Exams

1. Abraham Lincoln was the ___ President of United States
 A: 16th

2. National Sport of China
 A: Table tennis

3. Which Country has the highest Population in the World
 A: China

4. Old Name of  Switzerland
 A: Helvetia

5. Uttarakhand was formed in
 A: 2000

6. ‘Sugar bowl of India’
 A: UttarPradesh

7. ‘Samadhi Sthal’ of  Indira Gandhi
 A: Sakthi Sthal

8. Marina Beach is located in
 A: Chennai

9. ‘Bhangra’ is the traditional dance of
 A: Punjab

10. Mahatma Gandhi was died in
 A: January 30, 1948

11. The Play Ground of Baseball is known as
 A: Diamond

12. The Brightest Planet in the Solar System is
 A: Venus

13. LIC was  established in
 A: September 1, 1956